My Personal Learning Outcomes for #BYOD4L

It’s always good practice to go into a course with a set of questions you want to be able to answer as an outcome of the course – personalised learning outcomes. So, here are some questions I’ll be thinking about,

  1. How useful is the idea of BYOD and how does this idea relate to mobile learning and smart device learning?
  2. What is the role of the college or university in the idea of BYOD? And what do institutions need to have in place to accommodate BYOD?
  3. How can, and how does/will, BYOD change higher education pedagogy, formally and informally?
  4. How can BYOD be accommodated or adopted by university academics? Do integrated, supplementary or augmented models of adoption work best? This question is, in part, about whether the quality of BYOD adoption affected by (e.g. undermined or changed by) the level of and to commitment to adoption or integration.
  5. What are student expectations for using their personal technologies? How familiar and fluent are students with smart apps?
  6. As 5, but replace with tutors, learning support staff, etc?

That’s enough for now. Please feel to suggest other questions I should think about or answer any of the above!


About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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