#Byod4l – how I engage with the course

Before I reflect on the scenario just thought I’d note a few things about how I am engaging with #BYOD4L, especially as I wasn’t really clear about what this would mean before I started:

  • morning 1 hour train commute – do this: write a post in the WordPress app on my iPad. It’s a good quite thinking space. Quite calm and therefore very different to the rest of my day once I arrive in Sheffield. Good for reflective thinking. Check my phone for tweets and Facebook discussion via email notifications.
  • during the day – if I can I check Twitter and specifically the #byod4l hashtag (iPhone Twitter app as I walk between meetings). Again, as a facilitator (iPhone Facebook app, Twitter app), but mostly as a co-learner I am doing my best to read what other people are posting (Twitter to Chrome on iPhone and or iPad) and commenting or replying where I can. My day job doesn’t slow down, though I have marked out the whole day tomorrow and will be running a local bar camp in Sheffield for three hours (real world f2f!!!). I’m hoping people from the region will turn up and give a few impromptu-ish presentations on their own interest in smart learning.
  • evening commute – trying to catch up on the Twitter hashtag (iPhone Twitter app) but it’s been really annoying as the connectivity on my journey is really bad. I probably use it more to think about the day’s topic. This means I’m finding it difficult to keep up with the conversation,which is interesting in terms of yesterday’s topic of communication and the discussion about broadcasting or not: I am turning to broadcasting because my technological environment is coercing me to write rather than discuss.
  • evening – last night once I got off the train I had to drive for 20 minutes to pick up the dog then another 20 minutes to get home. Chip shop, junk food… I refreshed my Twitter feed along the way and had my foot down to get back to a reliable network in time for the TwitterChat at 8pm (iPad Twitter) which I already have grown to value as ‘the course moment’ each day.
    Then I want to reflect on the chat ( thanks for the Storifies which I review the next day on one device or another – PC ideally not not actually this week, @suebecks) and catch up with co-facilitators in the Facebook facilitator’s “green room” and make a reflective video on an aspect of the TwitterChat. I had to learn how to make the video in the way I wanted it to be – I use my digital camera (load to Windows Moviemaker [its do in’ great] and out of that to YouTube. Cut and paste the embed code into a WordPress post on PC) and not my iPad as even though I like the rough edges of shaky ‘authentic’ digital media (as in videos I’ve made using the Google Capture app) it makes my arms ache holding the iPad up (!) and you end up looking off camera all the time as it’s so close. Not a real problem, but at least I can relax when the camera is static.

Apart from all this, facilitating, writing info for the BYOD4L site, and planning the book call (today?) has been taking up a lot of my (personal) time. It’s good to contain this in the week as you know by the week end there’ll be a chance to get back to other big things (papers, papers, papers!).
However, I am finding it hard to keep up as I’m trying to do all the tasks and I would really like to be reading around the topics more. I’ve not noticed much sharing of papers. Maybe we need a Mendeley group – anyone?
How are other people managing?


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