#BYOD4L Presence and Presentism

Where we are and who we are with, and the good and bad feelings associated with that, require some thought in the context of #byod4l.
Thinking about social presence raises questions about respect (being noticed, kudos), sharing (information, beliefs), interactivity, identity and intimacy. Sung & Mayer (2012) raise these five facets:
“… the degree to which a learner feels personally connected with other students and the instructor in an online learning community…”
It’s also useful to look at how we make sure we accommodate learners and foster their engagement by the way we conceptualise and communicate to students and colleagues our use do BYOD4L. Slagter van Tryon & Bishop (2009) provide insight here. Learner engagement is in part about managing expectations and thinking about presence is part of this. Designing for social presence leads to successful social interactions in the BYOD learning environment. Presence needs to be understood and taken care of to avoid us feeling imposed upon by the environments and technologies we are expected to use.
Presentism is something else – it is about being seen, conforming, obviously taking part and co-operating. It is often associated with affective concerns such as guilt, proving yourself worthy, and other insecurities. More positively Presentism is about being supportive, learning from others and respect for them.
Slagter van Tryon, P.J. & Bishop, M.J. (2009) Theoretical foundations for enhancing social connectedness in online learning environments. Distance Education, 30(3), pp. 291-315
Sung, E., and Mayer, R.E. (2012) Five facets of social presence in online distance education. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(5), pp.1738-47


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