#BYOD4L Day 5 and Summary

I have just finished reviewing all the portfolios of those who have so far submitted claims for open badges from the BYODAL event (somewhere along the line ‘event’, rather than course, became a preferred term for at least one participant).

First, let me address the last topic: Creating

Day 5: Creating

I was absent Miss. Well, it was my birthday and my family took me out of class. However, this gave me the opportunity to address the day’s topic. Though not necessarily successfully.

Creativity comes from need and challenge, even more than it simply comes from opportunity. (BTW I do not subscribe to big C creativity as in genius artists and musicians. My interest in creativity and the one I think that is impoirtant in the context of education and BYOD4L is small c: guile, ingeneuity, thinking differently, critically and openly, etc).

My need then was to engage with BYOD4L on its last day, and evening in particular. I achieved this by applying some of what I have learnt in the lead up to the week and then during the week.

BYOD provides us with an extension to the learning environments we already know. We have more options, so more possibilities. Those possibilities are about our personal learning ‘space’ which is a cognitive concept. It doesn’t matter where we are, who we are with, what we are doing, what we have with us – ultimately it is about what we are constructing in our minds. (That is my claim for Creating credit btw – how I overcame being in a cinema watching the new Cohen brothers movie and not being in the TweetChat. May I suggest that we put the ‘dog ate my homework’ to bed now…)

Throughout the day, of course, I was able to engage with BYOD4L by dipping in and out of Twitter, Facebook and (now) Pinterest. And G+. And YouTube. There are a lot of spaces that I am active in now that I was only aware of a week ago .

I have made plenty of things this week. But perhaps the one that represents success more than anything is this simple picture from Day 4 I think. I needed to communicate this idea. I had no time, and for a moment I was lost spinning in that “there must be an App for this” conundrum. While this technique isn’t new to me, what is new is what I have learnt about it, that is: using the camera phone to quickly capture and share a scribble is much more powerful sometimes than getting lost learning how to use the latest graphics app (though I’m always happy to get lost there too).


Actually I suppose I could have enhanced this photo using one of the many photo enhancing apps I have. But I didn’t. I just shared it quickly. Job done. And this brings me back to Martin Weller’s ‘Good Enough’ comment that I agree with so much when thinking about user-generated content. If we focus on the purpose of what we are doing we realise that creativity is often about stripping away detail and decoration. Look at artists like Picasso, Franz Klein, Henry Moore,etc, etc. The power comes from the strength of the original idea and intent. The longer we spend with an idea the more in danger we are of obscuring it and stifling it.

So that brings to an end/beginning my little learning journey of BYOD4L. Posts/thinking this week are all found in January 2014 of this blog or under the tag BYOD4L.

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Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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2 Responses to #BYOD4L Day 5 and Summary

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Interest thoughts and provocative, but then we know you are, well I do 😉

    I agree with your idea about good enough, or partly perhaps. As i think that when we are engaged in the making process, this is actually learning. It helps us reflect and get a richer insight into our thoughts, ideas and challenges. This doesn’t mean that we go for shiny but just, I think, that we are still not done and feel that there is value to engage for a bit longer. Could it be that we are in-flow? All human activity is unfinished, I think, but we do accept that at some point, the stage in the process is regarded the finished product, which somebody else might/will pick up and extend? Could this be another way of looking at this?

    Pleased you felt that there was value to engage in our event or festival 😉 even on your Birthday.


  2. amiddlet50 says:

    As you know Chrissi, I like conundrums = PBL. Without problems we stagnate or at least just repeat ourselves. I suppose that’s OK but it is something I never think to do. As a painter and a music (I have a life!) I feel quite deflated when I don’t find new insight in my endeavours. Creativity and problems are important companions to me, and this is quite true in academia too. BYOD4L seems to be about navigating problems in different ways and therefore seems to be away to resolve problems. This suggests creativity, but now I write, I wonder if there is an inherent danger of lazy thinking (in creativity) with BYOD4L too therefore. In fact I’m sure there is. Thanks for triggering my further thinking.

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