BYOD4L @ MELSIG Manchester Event

I am now getting ready for a collective group hug! OK, may be not..!

Many of the #BYOD4L facilitators and participants will be at the next MELSIG event which is happening at Manchester Met on the 14th April.

There are still a few free places left, so if you meant to sign up, but forget, do it now! We always end up with a disappointed wait list for the events – be warned!

Again the focus is Smart Device Learning. We’ll hear about what MMU are doing with tablets and smartphones and stories from the region. There’s quite a packed programme.

I’ll be running an idea generation workshop so I hope people will walk into the room with one idea to share before we start trying a few creativity tricks as we think about a world of smart teaching and learning. I’ll report back here, but I expect us to top the 170 ideas we generated last time I ran this.


About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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