I am not a number (I am a node)

On the back of my previous post reflecting on Education 3.0 I have another, slightly whimsical, thought that I hope will be timely. It is not rocket science. Indeed it it not original, being very much the point of our interest in social networking in the way BYOD4L is designed.
Simply, in a socially networked learning environment there is great strength in the structure of the network. It is robust and allows for failure within the structure. It is salient to bear in mind as we begin our new iteration of an open networked BYOD4L that as individual nodes within that network we each have a little responsibility for passing information and support amongst our community. It is not a hierarchical teacher dependent learning environment. At the same time, it is not critical that we all keep up all of the time but just that we are aware that our questions, answers and pats on the back keep the learning live.

About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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