What makes an academic innovator?

I am preparing a seminar on academic innovation for the New Year. It is targeted at academics in UK higher education. I would love to hear from academics who may have something to say about being innovative or at least being innovative thinkers.

Have you any thoughts on the following?

How important is academic innovation? What does it mean? How can academic innovation drive the academic’s self-identity and self-esteem? How can this enhance learning for their students? What barriers exist for academic innovation and academic innovators, and how can these be overcome?

Can we, should we, all be innovators?

How useful are terms like ‘mavericks’ or ‘outliers’ (see Jackie Gerstein’s User Generated Education blog post Courage to be an outlier educator)?

I intend to post here following the seminar in January.


About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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