Planning a #Twalk for #SIGCLANS #MELSIG ?

On Wednesday 31st May we are planning a #Twalk and you’re invited! Wherever you are.

Twalk? A Walk-based Tweetchat. The itinerary is here. But it is somewhere near you.

Our purpose is to explore the topic of placemaking and learning by visiting five ‘pause points’ in an hour between 13:00 and 14:00 UK. Wherever you are, if you are on campus, we hope you will join us and tweet the highlights from your campus.

If you are planning on doing this, especially if you are trying to organise it, here are some thoughts that might help based on my experience of planning a route for SHU:

  • Visiting 5 places in an hour will be a challenge – so consider some prep time for your group so they are very clear about what they’ll be doing, where exactly they are visiting. Even make this available online beforehand.
  • In fact, ideally each walker will have a printed copy of the rooms and places they are visiting, the timings, and the topics, and the hashtags. In this way, they can walk independently as small groups and pairs (it can be difficult if the walk leader is continually shouting across conversations to move people on).
  • Consider a bell or a whistle to alert people.
  • Make sure people know that you will not wait. You will kick off at 1 o’clock and you will arrive at each destination at 10 minute intervals.
  • That means the spaces you choose to visit on your campus might not be your best examples. First and foremost they must fit in with a one hour 5 point walk.
  • This way all walks are in sync, discussing the same topics at the same time, and sharing pictures and comments via Twitter at the same time. This way we involve all walkers in an inter-campus conversation.
  • There are topics at each pause point, not Q&As – this allows each subgroup to make the conversation their own.
  • Make sure people do post using the hashtag #SIGCLANS using T1, T2, T3 etc (T for topic) and the #SIGCLANS hashtag
  • Assign (if possible) the role of Twitter Scribe to at least one person. Their job is to ensure each campus contributes at least one response at each pause point: an idea, a question for others, pictures, etc
  • Assign (if possible) at least one Twitter reporter keeping an eye on the hashtag and sharing points and questions raised elsewhere.
  • The walk leader is the chief facilitator – the ideal academic: steer, clarify, prompt and keep them moving forward!
  • Make sure everyone has a great time.

About Andrew Middleton

NTF, PFHEA, committed to active learning, co-operative pedagogies, media-enhanced teaching and learning, authentic learning, postdigital learning spaces. Key publication: Middleton, A. (2018). Reimagining Spaces for Learning in Higher Education. Palgrave.
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