Invitation to the Revolution! Subversion! Collusion! #uogapt #vortexspace


On Tuesday we will invent a new world inspired by Vorticists and Dynamism. We will explore ‘Studio for All!’ by deconstructing what we know about learning spaces and reconstructing a connected hybrid learning space. Wherever you are I invite you to use the hashtag #vortexspace to tell us or show us what an ideal learning space should be as we rethink spaces for learning. Images, poetry, ideas and hyperbole are needed!

My workshop at APT 2017 (#uogapt) will celebrate hyperbole! It will use subversion and collusion as pedagogies to open co-operative imagination.

Playing with ruination and destruction causes us to emotionally engage in a process of re-evaluating what is essential and what is obstructive. This is what Wyndham Lewis was doing when he published the Vorticist manifesto in the form of two issues of Blast! in 1914. It was this exclamation of frustration with the world that changed British Art and which contributed to a global shift that saw painting sitting in the boundary spaces of realism and abstraction.

In our workshop we will exclaim our frustration with tradition, and curse its limitations, to imagine a future learning space for all.

We will exclaim,

  • Ransack the Industrial Age edifices that have plagued our built pedagogy!
  • Delight in revealing the wonders of borderlands as we explore and cross boundaries!
  • Discover artists and admire their subversion!
  • Connect and form new global allegiances!
  • Construct a new REAL world of learning!
  • Think in and around the edges!

We will use our networks and I invite you to inspire us!




About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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