The Connected Classroom – “The Hub of Connectivity” #activelearning #hybridlearning


I am preparing a workshop for #ARUDigiFest titled ‘Digital collaborators: developing a digital classroom approach of connected learning’ (Cambridge 9th September and Chelmsford 11th September). Working with my colleague Uwe Richter, we will explore the idea of the digital classroom as a hub of connectivity and aim to co-create a statement about the digital-active classroom as a collective outcome of the session. Who knows, this may take the form of a #manifesto!

The workshop will bring into focus two pieces of work I am leading on at the moment: media-enhanced teaching and learning (#METaL) and a multi-faceted learning spaces project. Both of these are within the contexts of developing Anglia Ruskin University’s Active Curriculum, as well as our remit to develop digital learning. I find this really exciting. As in my book, the focus is the connected place, and the diagram above (which isn’t in the slightest meant to be comprehensive): it describes learning space as a hub or cauldron of possibilities in which the teacher’s role is to create a loose structure for learning.

So, this idea of “The Hub of Connectivity” is a device around which the workshop can discuss ideas towards generating some form of collective statement of ‘what we think’!

I decided to blog about this because I liked the slide I produced. While there are all sorts of ideas and theories behind this, I just wanted to present a stimulus for discussion. I aim to ask people to pick up on a word or a connection that has caught their eye, or to spot connections that are missing, or ideas that are missing. We might begin to annotate the connections like a concept map.


While the aim is to explore the ideas (however much any participant knows), the idea of co-creation is important here. It is about agreeing to work through our respective knowledge and experience with the purpose and motivation to co-create an articulation of what we collectively conclude.

I like that I have both co-creation and co-production on the slide. While they are compatible ideas, they mean different things.

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