What makes a good network? Join our Tweetchat

I am running a workshop with Sue Moron-Garcia this Friday morning (4th November from , 11:50-12:35, UK time) at the SEDA conference. It is titled From Conundrum to Collaboration, Conversation to Connection: Using Networks to Innovate. We will run a Tweetchat in parallel addressing questions about factors leading to effective and sustainable networks and collaborations.

We invite you, wherever you are, to join in. The first question will appear at 11.50 using the hashtag #SEDA_NETS.

Each question will begin #SEDA_NETS Q1… [where 1 is the number of the current question]. Reply to the tweet ensuring the hashtag is included changing the Q to A for each answer you give to respective questions e.g. #SEDA_NETS A1 the meaning of life is best understood as 42

We have 5 questions structured around the the half hour of the workshop. So get your gut answer in quick and look out for the next question which will come from my personal account @andrewmid

Workshop participants, working in small groups will summarise their discussion activities using the same tweetchat we hope. We expect the discussion responses to be useful to those people who value collaboration and networking in the higher education context.

We encourage you to share visual responses – metaphorical, diagrammatic, illustrative, abstract – to liven up the thinking. So stock up on some networky type images!

We will create an annotated Storify as a summary narrative from the online and offline discussion.

The SEDA Conference programme and abstract for our session is here on the SEDA website

About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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