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BYOD4L @ MELSIG Manchester Event

I am now getting ready for a collective group hug! OK, may be not..! Many of the #BYOD4L facilitators and participants will be at the next MELSIG event which is happening at Manchester Met on the 14th April. There are … Continue reading

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53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About

53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About. via 53 Powerful Ideas All Teachers Should Know About. It might be interesting for me to respond to these as they come out week by week over the year. Could be fun.

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Not everyone likes this new thing

Just following on from previous posts on my review of ‘podcasting’ literature, I want to illustrate a problem I find in the literature concerned with reviewing innovation. I have tried to avoid picking on people and do not intend to … Continue reading

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To podcast or to not podcast

I’m back on the ‘podcast’ bandwagon as I continue to refresh my awareness of current literature on the subject of educational podcasting in higher education. I’m trying to get a feel for ‘where we have got to’ and where we … Continue reading

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Digital Voices – free and open!

The MELSIG Digital Voices (Digital Voices: a collaborative exploration of the recorded voice in post-compulsory education)¬†book is now free for download from the MELSIG site. If you do download it for free please promote it by citing it in blog … Continue reading

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Comparing like with unlike

I am updating myself on publications relating to educational podcasting from the last few years and I wonder if a phenomenon that has always been evident in that literature and which in my opinion held back innovation is going to … Continue reading

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Readybrek metaphor for smart learning literacy

I’m late to the John Seely Brown party. It’s one of those names I’ve come across so many times in passing and finally I followed the citation. On this occasion JSB was cited by Spires et al. (2012) – another … Continue reading

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