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Teaching as craft, learning as art?

I have been reading a stimulating paper by Mandy Lupton from 2013 on reclaiming the art of teaching, which you can find here. Her concern is for the art of teaching, and how it is lost to “a higher education … Continue reading

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Product – co-production vs commodification as a site of learning

Yesterday, I spent much of my time in meetings: one appraisal, one research-related, one project-related, and one a planning meeting. Coincidently, each of those four meetings required me to remind myself that an education is not, “A thing that can … Continue reading

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Noise annoys in the #activelearning classroom – or does it?

Studies of Active Learning Classrooms (e.g. SCALE UP and Team-based Learning), and active learning more generally, identify noise and the ambient conditions of the classroom as being a distinguishing feature (Worthing, 2018). That active learning is noisy, is a truism, … Continue reading

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What really matters – quality is intangible

This post by Dr Alastair Robertson, Professor Liz Cleaver and Dr Fiona Smart on the Invisible Grail site helps to explain what most people who care about teaching and learning know through their own experience and as evident in the … Continue reading

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Discovery, gamification and loosely structured #activelearning

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash Following my previous post on gamification and active learning, it is worth giving thought to the extent that effective learning is guided or scaffolded especially around ideas like discovery learning. While it is hard … Continue reading

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Gamification – a way to understand #activeleaning

I have been interested in games-based learning and playful learning since the early 2000s when I came across J. P. Gee’s work and since leading work on creative development in academic practice. The Creative Development Team I was responsible for … Continue reading

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Academic Peak Moments #activelearning

Dan Heath, one of the keynotes at InstructorCon, did a great job of introducing the idea of peak moments as being a useful device for designing and evaluating a student’s academic experience. Experience can be quite a vague or abstract … Continue reading

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