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Teaching ‘whole people’ holistically – understanding co-operative learning

Andresen, Boud and Choen (2000) set out criteria for experience-based learning. The goal of experience-based learning involves something personally significant or meaningful to the students; Students should be personally engaged; Reflective thought and opportunities for students to write or discuss … Continue reading

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Product – co-production vs commodification as a site of learning

Yesterday, I spent much of my time in meetings: one appraisal, one research-related, one project-related, and one a planning meeting. Coincidently, each of those four meetings required me to remind myself that an education is not, “A thing that can … Continue reading

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Discovery, gamification and loosely structured #activelearning

Photo by Raul Petri on Unsplash Following my previous post on gamification and active learning, it is worth giving thought to the extent that effective learning is guided or scaffolded especially around ideas like discovery learning. While it is hard … Continue reading

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Doing, Being, Becoming, Belonging & Connecting #twalk #spacetwalkLeeds

The Twalk next week (27th March 2019) at 1-2pm UK time, has the theme of Doing, Being, Belonging, Becoming and Connecting – the role of learning space, This post provides a little explanation of each of those keywords. Doing A focus … Continue reading

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