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Peripatetic space – we twalked again, like we did last summer

On Friday we twalked again – that is we walked, talked and tweeted (#twalk). Unlike our hot, sunny walk in May, it rained a lot! As mentioned in the previous post, Friday’s twalk¬†was part of ALT’s Learning Spaces Special Interest … Continue reading

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#BYOD4L Barcamps, beer and where we take our own devices

#BYOD4L has run its course, but is not over. I have tasks I intend to complete and much thinking that has only started. The chats provided a good, engaging structure that allowed us, as participants, to think about things in … Continue reading

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#BYOD4L Presence and Presentism

Where we are and who we are with, and the good and bad feelings associated with that, require some thought in the context of #byod4l. Thinking about social presence raises questions about respect (being noticed, kudos), sharing (information, beliefs), interactivity, … Continue reading

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