Learning is not about enclosures

In tonight’s #LTHEchat on Learning Spaces (8pm-9pm UK at #LTHEchat) I argue that the richest learning space is that which is defined by the learner as they navigate across and between spaces. Learning comes from making connections: to people, ideas, and experiences. When I ask people ‘Where do you learn best?’, it is rare that they point to a classroom or lecture theatre. It is their personal, social and experiential spaces that matter. That is where ‘sense making’ happens. And increasingly it is space experienced with social media, like the #LTHEchat itself, that invigorate us.

Learning is not about enclosures. Learning is open, pervasive and serendipitous and it is time to challenge the appropriation of the term ‘learning space’ by those who primarily understand learning as a problem to be managed. I encourage anyone in higher education committed to developing rich understandings of learning to challenge and work with colleagues to develop our collective appreciation of learning beyond educational enclosures.


About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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