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Join us for a Twalk tomorrow, Friday 28th July between 14:15 and 15:30 BST

If you joined us at the end of May on the #MELSIG #SIGCLANS Twalk you will undoubtedly want to join us again – wherever you are. You will already understand how we can take a walk together without needing to be in the same place or time zone. If you are not familiar with the idea of a Twalk we can do this by,

  • Using similar landmarks in our various locations;
  • Being in the same space on Twitter (#TwalkBoundaries);
  • Discussing the same topics using the same schedule with walking partners near and far.

All you need to do to take part:

  • Set aside just over an hour – we should meet at 14:15 British Summer Time (BST)
  • Say ‘hello’ on Twitter at #TwalkBoundaries – a group selfie is nice!
  • Set off at 14:30 BST and follow the map. Here’s the one we’ll be using in Sheffield (UK) as we walk across the city between our two universities: (the ‘map’ is a set of instructions, timings and discussion topics associated with generic landmarks – if we all follow the discussion topics and timings we can tweetchat our way through a pleasant hour’s walk.
  • At each stage (every 10 minutes) take a photo of where you are and tell everyone what you are discussing by using the twitter hashtag. This way we can connect globally (as we did last time) around the same questions and ideas.

Our theme is Crossing Boundaries

The aim of the walk is to think holistically about our students’ experience of learning space as they cross through formal-informal boundaries on campus and beyond. We’ll be thinking about civic connections and their relationship with their environs.

Get your own map

If you are taking a group out in your location, copy this map for the Sheffield walk and add your own local details. Keeps the discussion topics and timings the same:

How many people do you need?

One. Because you’re going to be connected to us. Last time we had several solo walkers, but mostly we had walking groups of between 5 and 30 in the various locations.

It’s a great chance to get out and do some fairly serious thinking, but in a relaxed and friendly situation. Great CPD – if it doesn’t rain!

Different time zones

Last time we had people from Australia and Canada. We set off at one o’clock UK time. That just about worked for our Canadian friends – a touch early perhaps. In Australia, the walk was done earlier, and photographs taken, and then posted later (quite late actually) to sync with the walk. As long as you use the same hashtag and sequence I am sure we’ll find you when we come to put our Storify accounts and blog posts together.

Keep moving

We have 6 questions or topics to discuss, so you’ll need to keep moving. Don’t stop at landmark points, just pause, tweet your thoughts from the last few minutes, grab a photo and reset your conversation for the next section of the walk.

Danger – note

Take care – you will be walking in public spaces across a city or a campus. You will be holding and using your smart phone or tablet to tweet. You will be caught up in conversation. You will be amongst street furniture, traffic and other users of mobile devices. They are a danger to you and you to them. It is recommended you walk in pairs and keep a look out for each other.

Further information and guidance

Go here for more on the Twalk:

What else is happening?

The walk is being organised as part of an event in Sheffield, UK. The event is a meeting of the Association for Learning Technology’s Learning Spaces Special Interest Group. It will use the hashtag #LSSIG.

Details of what else is happening can be found here:

I look forward to seeing you somewhere on Friday 28th July between 14:15 and 15:30 BST.

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