Not Hanging Out

The Sheffield Hallam #BYOD4L study group met again today intending to take part in @samillingworth’s Google Hangout this lunchtime. While we could see and hear Sam, Debbie and Isobel at MMU we couldn’t find any way to contribute in GOogle Hangouts. We assumed this was how Sam had set it up, but we couldn’t find a way to join.

Muhammad received an invite in his Google+ Circle but still no joy.

we concluded that we have a lot to learn about using Google Hangouts and need people to provide us with guidance. Please!

Here are some things we wanted to know:

  • What different modes of using GH are there? It seems you can use it live in broadcast mode, limit the number of speakers, run it openly accessible to anyone who discovers it. How is all this managed?
  • How do you schedule a meeting? For example, if we wanted to plan a meeting for next Thursday at five o’clock, limited to a known group of users?
  • We were impressed with Sam’s name banner. How do you do that? It could be quite useful.

Someone help please!

About amiddlet50

Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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