Smart Learning Scenarios

The new MELSIG book, Smart Learning:  – teaching and learning with smartphones and tablets in post compulsory education, is nearing completion.

Part of the book is composed of Smart Learning Scenarios. While I should be copy editing at the moment I am mostly pre-occupied constructing Smart Learning Scenarios for which I have an enormous data bank drawn from workshops, observations, readings, conversations and imagination. Two or three scenarios have been written by others, but mostly I am enjoying writing them based on this data. The book will feature about 30 scenarios and I will select some from the Tumblr site I have set up to do this. In the book they provide illustrative evidence of this trend towards what I call Smart Learning.

Anyway, I continue to look for ideas. The Tumblr site will continue well beyond the editing phase of the book which really must stop now! If you have ideas you would like to share with me for the book or the site please let me know.

The Smart Learning Scenarios can be found at:

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Educational developer working in academic innovation in higher education in the UK
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