#spacetwalkLeeds – our route map

Here is the map we are using at the University of Leeds-Twalk-March19 tomorrow

27th March 2019, meeting by 12.55 for a 1pm start.

You might like to use a similar approach if you are planning a twalk at your own university.

Here’s the front page text:

Doing, Being, Belonging, Becoming – the role of learning space

Hashtag: #spacetwalkLeeds

The aim of a Twalk is to create an alternative conversational space around a set of campus landmarks.

Together we will walk, talk and post our thoughts for an hour in response to a structure created by 5 questions and 5 landmarks.

The Twalk will happen on the campus of the University of Leeds. Using social media, we may be joined by groups at other universities engaging with the same questions and similar landmarks.

Our Twalk is led by Andrew Middleton with Norma Martin Clement for LITE Learning Spaces Special Interest Group.

Theme: Doing, Being, Belonging, Becoming & Connecting

How do our learning spaces support the development of our students? How do they influence teaching and the learning experience? We will consider this by examining the five ideas set out in the theme. Some information on each can be found online at:


How do we ‘Twalk’?

We will walk and tweet. Use the hashtag #spacetwalkLeeds in all your tweets to connect the conversation. Walkers will be located on several university campuses, some beyond the UK hopefully.

A new question will be posed every 10 minutes for walkers to discuss using the hashtag. It will take the format:

Q1 Doing – what can students do to gain agency over their learning? #spacetwalkLeeds

You will respond (include A1 for Answer 1, A2 for Answer 2, etc),

A1 add your answer and photo here #spacetwalkLeeds

Like, reply, retweet in the usual way.

Note: it can be difficult to keep pace, but do keep in sync. See timings and questions overleaf.

About Andrew Middleton

NTF, PFHEA, committed to active learning, co-operative pedagogies, media-enhanced teaching and learning, authentic learning, postdigital learning spaces. Key publication: Middleton, A. (2018). Reimagining Spaces for Learning in Higher Education. Palgrave.
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